Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogging Tactics

Step By Step Blogging:

1) Go to and sign up [beta blogger is more user-friendly]

2) Type a paragraph or two absolutely anything you want

3) Template > Page Elements > Add Page Element > Add Adsense

4)**Sign up for Adsense - they'll approve you in 1-2 days **
[Google Owns Blogger, So It's Easy To Get Approved For a Blog]

5) Once approved - add the adsense to your site
[You're Ready To Start Making Money!]


1) Join the forums at

2) Read About "Team Blogging" and Post Your Link In the TAG/PING request

3) Search for related topics and comment in their blog and don't forget to leave a link back to your blog. Blogging etiquette says if someone posts in your blog you read and post in theirs.

4) Sign up at Technorati and Digg to claim and manage your blogs, everytime you update your blog go to and ping all the sites letting them know you have updated your blog.

5) Check the Traffic Generation forums, use whichever methods you think would be the best. [ex: don't promote your viagra blog in a young adult's gaming chat room]